Grade 5K
On 3 April the Grade 5 girls left for camp.  We first went to Adventures with Elephants.  The first elephant we saw played a memory game with us.  The second last elephant we saw sprayed water at us and Chloe got very wet.  Then we got on the bus and we were on our way to Bush Pigs.  When we arrived we first settled into camp Hedgehog and then we went on a hike to the echo location.  At the echo location we wrote a poem that was called ‘On the Rocks.’  The next day we completed the mudstacle course.  We had to slide into a pool of watery mud that was almost like a shower.  Later on we went to Shoprite and bought food to make dinner for ourselves and the facilitators.  Then sadly we had to go home, but we had an awesome trip back to school.  We learnt about team work, helping the environment and how to never give up.
Rebecca Wolstenholme and Layla Alli

We loaded our bags onto the bus and waved goodbye and began our journey.  As we arrived on the elephants turf we were welcomed by the trumpeting animals of the savanna.  The Grade 5 girls learnt an enormous amount of facts about the amazing creatures but sadly we could not stay for long and we returned to our bus to travel to camp.  When we arrived at our destination there were exciting vibes all around us.  The facilitators started by telling us a number of rules to keep us safe.  Then the fun began!  We were divided into four groups with animal names.  We ended the day with star gazing and only got to sleep at 9 o’clock in our dorms with triple decker bunk beds.  Everyone woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  During the day we enjoyed the mudstacle course and cooked our own food for dinner.  We had to go to Shoprite and do our own shopping, remembering to be plastic wise.  After our group made food we sat around the camp fire and sang songs.  The final day came fast and soon we were back on the bus on our way back to school.  We had some disagreements but in the end we learned a lot.  We can’t wait for our next camp.
Clea Ellens and Aziza Carim

Grade 5M
The Mudstacle Course
Muddy, wet, exciting, sandy and super cool are some words to describe the Mudstacle Course.  We started by jumping over some logs, then climbing up some tree stumps, we then went under and over poles.  Next we did tyre jumping, after we climbed up a jungle gym and swung over a sand pit, which was a bit scary but fun.  Then we walked on a see-saw, that I found kind of scary!  Now for the tightrope, a lot of us fell off but we still enjoyed it.  Then we climbed the Great Wall of BushPigs! It was easy!)
Genevieve Rowland and Arya Cernat