Grade 5K:
This winter term the Grade 5 girls went to Bush Pigs for four days and three nights.  Can you imagine it, thirty one annoying, crazy, grumpy and exited ten and eleven year olds?  We were split into our groups for activities and we did mini SASS where we caught water insects and animals to determine whether the water was polluted.

We then moved to another camp that afternoon.  After having supper we did a night activity where the facilitators gave us a map and we had to find our way to different locations that they called “countries”.  My team almost got lost at the second location.

The next day we woke up and went on a hike up a mountain.  Then we had an interesting breakfast where we had to call our cereals weird names like Rice Krispies were called deep fried maggots and Bran Flakes were freshly picked scabs.

We went back to Croc camp and we had a shower (FINALLY).  We got told that we had to make dinner for our group and two facilitators.  We had to minus points for plastic and if you didn’t have meat you would get extra points.  We got given two hundred rand and off we went to the shops.  My group made pizza and for dessert we bought baked goods, so in the end we had no packaging.

The next day we did a MUDSTICLE, it’s an obstacle course that involves mud.  Then we moved camps again.  We unpacked and two of the groups went on a bike challenge and the other two went on a game drive.  The next morning we swapped activities, but then it was time to leave.
Cecilia Petersen

As we arrived at Croc camp we put our bags down and went to the hog hall.  We got put into teams, The African Elephants, The Ring Tailed Lemurs, The Wild Dogs and The Black Headed Spider Monkeys.

At night we went on this hunt where we had to find countries in the middle of the bush.  They had labels saying which country it was.  The next morning we went for a hike, it was really fun.  That night we had to cook dinner.  Our two guests were Bertha and Miss Knight.  We cooked pasta with tomato and onion, it was delicious!  Then for dessert we had pancakes.

The next day we completed the Mudstacle.  We jumped over hurdles, we swung from a vine, we balanced on a beam, we crawled through tyres, and we crawled through mud and slid on a slippy slide.  It was awesome!   The next day we went on a game drive.  We saw buffalo, kudu, impala and sable.  We also went on a bike ride and rode 2 km.  Then we packed our bags and went home.  I was so happy when I saw my family.  I missed them so much!
Emily Stoutjesdyk

Grade 5M:
We had just made supper for an activity in our groups.  The African Elephants did brilliantly, creating a delicious meal.  We then all came together to sit by the fire to keep warm.  When everyone was toasty, we started to sing camp fire songs.  Before that, I was feeling a little home-sick, but singing and dancing really cheered me up.  After about ten terrific songs, I felt great.

I had an amazing time at Bush Pigs!
Clare Stewart-Selvan
I’m waiting in the long queue.  My classmates are shuffling from one foot to another, itching to wash the sticky substance off their clothes.  Finally it’s my turn.  I climb up the ladder, sticky from all the previous users, rusty and shaky.
I get to the top of the slide and stare down into the brown, sloppy water, waiting for me down below.  I have no idea how deep it’s going to be!
The sand in my hair wiggles and itches my scalp.  I take a deep breath, pull my legs up to my chest and yell at the top of my lungs “I LOVE MUD!”  I feel my jeans sliding against metal as I plummet into the water.
Maryam Ebrahim