Grade 5K
How am I meant to make a sleeping bag?  That was my first thought when we were told about the sleep out, but now after all of it, I think it was really fun.  First we played and chatted for about half an hour and then we ate half a pizza each.  After that we took a few photos and then braaied marshmallows (which were delicious).  After that we showed everyone our sleeping bags and explained how we made them.  Everyone tested each other’s and they said that they were so warm!  This was disproved in the morning when everyone complained that they were freezing all night.  We ate a delicious breakfast of muffins and fruit, and that was the end of our sleep out.  I learnt that it is very hard to sleep on the streets every night.  I am very grateful to have a great home and warm bed to sleep in.
Cameron Brook

We all made sleeping bags in GEMS for the SheEO sleep out, which in case you don’t know is the APPS version of the CEO sleep out.  We all came with our (homemade) sleeping bags, excited for the experience of sleeping outside.  The quad was buzzing with chatting and laughter as we shared what we thought would happen at the sleep out.  For dinner we ate pizza and our dessert was marshmallows.  We held them over the fire to become nice and gooey.  Then we went to bed at 09:30 sharp, but everyone knows that most of us chatted for hours on end.  We only had between 4-7 hours of sleep!  That’s definitely not enough for my liking.  In the morning we had muffins, hot chocolate, juice and fruit and then it was time for school.  We learnt to be grateful for what we have and to be kind to others that are less fortunate.
Francesca Genovese

Grade 5M
‘Analia, are you sure that you don’t want to take an extra blanket?’

‘No!  I am fine, I already told you that!’  I foolishly insisted.

I arrived at school and everyone was bubbling with excitement, running around and laughing!  We all set up our sleeping bags, keeping spots for all of our friends.  Next we went around to everyone’s sleeping bags and tested them out, explaining how we made it and what materials we used.

We had pizza and marshmallows by the fire, telling stories.  By 21:00 we were all sent to bed (well at least we were supposed to go to bed!)  We all stayed up chatting and telling stories, asking people to come with us to the bathroom.  We couldn’t be too loud because Mrs Howden was right next to us.  By 05:00 we were all up, and the noise started again.
Analia Ntombela