Grade 5K
Two amazing people, named Mike and Laura, worked with us every Monday in September using a robot that we had to code named Sphero.  Sphero is a bot that can change colour, glow and has an option to ‘free drive’ where the app simply named ‘Sphero’ gives you a virtual joy stick to move it whichever direction you want.  The other option of movement with Sphero is coding him.  With this, you can incorporate angles and speeds up to 6kmph.  We used Sphero to identify the different states of matter by putting him in paint, throwing him into different sized boxes and letting him run randomly.  This showed us what atoms look like.  We also made mazes for other groups to try out by coding angles and how many seconds Sphero must run.  On the last day we got to paint pictures.  However, it must have included the sentence ‘APPS Gems Club.’  Ending our Sphero programming course was upsetting because we all enjoyed working with Sphero very much.
Robyn Dixon