Grade 5K
On 3 April the Grade 5’s entered a mini public speaking festival.  For this festival we had to choose a topic that we are interested in and write a 3-4 minute speech.  I chose to speak about My Seven Wonders.  The Seven Wonders are the seven places that I hope I will be able to visit one day.  When it was my turn I was very nervous.  At the end we got a small report with some feedback from the adjudicator.  I really enjoyed this speech and drama festival.  I learnt that I need to pause at different sections in my speech and to stop rushing.  This was a wonderful opportunity for all the Grade 5 girls.
Juwairiyyah Gani

The Grade 5’s spent an entire term practicing for this festival.  On the day of the festival there was a huge audience, most of which were our classmates.  Our adjudicator’s name was Mrs McCabe and she was a lovely, kind lady.  Most people spoke about dogs yet there was still a huge variety.  I spoke about my hobby, baking, and my best friend spoke about netball.  My speech was very funny as I technically baked a cake in front of the audience.  By the time it was my turn to get ready I had butterflies in my stomach and I was scared I’d have one of those frozen moments.  I kind of did and I left out a tiny bit of my speech.  Our legs were exhausted but a day off from all our subjects was a treat.  At the end of the day Mrs McCabe gave us a report and feedback.  I learnt that I need to pause in my speech and not face my back to the audience.  I absolutely loved this festival and look forward to next year’s Drama festival.
Sanaa Hajee

Grade 5M
The night before I was so scared and I had such a bad sleep because I was stressing so much.  But then I woke up the next day all happy and excited.

We listened to seventeen girls before break, but at about the 9th person I started getting scared.  At break I said my speech to my friends and they said it was fine, but I didn’t think so.  My parents arrived and I got super scared.  I sat there waiting for my turn, I heard my name being called and I started shaking like mad.  I went up and I felt really confident and I loved saying my speech on Paris.  I even got an A+.

Thank you to my mum and dad for coming to watch me and Mrs Levin for preparing me and Mrs McCabe for adjudicating me.  I loved saying my speech.
Sarah Shakerley

I really enjoyed this experience.  I think it is very important to have the skill of public speaking in front of a crowd of people and by this stage I think everyone in our grade has that skill.  It was a lot of fun, we spent 90% of the day watching speeches.  I was very nervous before I did my speech, but when I had said a few sentences, I felt much better.  The adjudicator was very kind and so was everyone else.  Our class teachers and Headmistress came to support us.  No one in our grade got less than a B which was very impressive.  Although I wanted to get an A+, I got an A which I am happy about.  People brought amazing things like horses, dogs, machines and more.  I definitely loved this experience.
Sophie Allan

Sitting on a chair biting your nails waiting for them to call out your name, that’s how I felt at the Mini Public Speaking Festival.  We waited for our turns, some brought dogs or snakes or horses, but I did my speech on horror movies.  Don’t be scared I won’t tell you about them, but I will tell you about people’s reaction.  Some people said they couldn’t even look at my poster and some were horrified that I had even chosen that topic, but I absolutely positively love horror movies.  When they called out my name I went up and I started to speak.  I found out I wasn’t so bad and I spoke and spoke until it was over.  The adjudicator asked me some questions.  I enjoyed the Mini Public Speaking Festival and I think you must always be confident.
Emelie Thompson

Every Grade 5 girl had to prepare a 3 to 4 minute speech for the Mini Public Speaking Festival.  Mrs Levin, our drama teacher, got Mrs McCabe to adjudicate our speeches.  Our Festival took place on 3 April.  My speech was about my brother’s snake 8ball and I was so happy because I got an A+.   My mom and dad were so proud of me!  Mrs Levin wrote a list of the order we were to speak in.  I was after Kate Leishman at 09:20.  I didn’t even use cue cards.  Everyone was so good and well-prepared.  The lowest mark given was a B+ so everyone should be very proud.  My favourite part was that we didn’t have normal lessons.
Ruby Hawarden