Grade 5K
On 2 April the Grade 5 girls attended the Mini Public Speaking Festival.  Our adjudicator was a charming, sweet lady.  After saying our speeches she asked us a few questions about the topic on our speeches.  For example, Khumo did her speech on singing and she asked her to sing “Pata Pata”.  Our favourite speech was Bokamoso’s.  She did her speech on her Siswati culture and brought a chicken that was very noisy while people were doing their speeches.  We learnt that when it’s a big celebration they slaughter a chicken or a sheep.  After the Mini Public Speaking Festival we each received a report back.  Everyone did very well.  The adjudicator also gave us feedback on what we could do better.  Overall we loved the Mini Public Speaking Festival, and enjoyed learning new things about each other.
Khumo Thage and Chloe Stewart

I opened my eyes and bam! l was on the stage saying my speech in front of the adjudicator.  She looked at me with a smile and l saw my mom standing next to me holding my dog very tight.  I also saw my dad videoing me, so was my friend Emma.  Then my speech was finished and everyone was clapping their hands.  l felt so good!  I listened to all the other speeches.  My favourite speech was Pippa’s.  Her theme was Greek mythology, it was AMAZING!  At the end of the day we received our marks back and l got A+!  I was so excited l couldn’t believe it.  I even pranked my mom and said l got a C- she was shocked but then l told her l got an A+.  You should have seen her face.  I loved participating in the Public Speaking Festival.
Natasha Fischer

Grade 5M
After weeks of planning, hard work and determination the day had finally come.  We were standing in front of the adjudicator Mrs R Jaff.  We were shaking with adrenaline building up inside us, but then we realised she is lovely lady nothing to worry about.  She was fascinated by the talks.  Some girls brought dogs and even a horse.  We are very fortunate to be able to have these experiences.  It was a fun filled day that we won’t forget.
Emily Gebhardt and Pippa Campbell