Grade 5K
As we lined up to go to Gold Reef City, I could tell that everyone was eager to get on the bus straight away.  When we were driving everyone was singing and talking about how excited they were.  Finally, we arrived and we saw a lot more schools there.  We eventually had to hold out our arms so that we could put on our arms bands.  First, we went and watched a movie about how gold was discovered.  Next, we went to the mine where we went down a mineshaft.  When we were in the mine we learned a lot about what the miners would do.  The mine was dark and wet, but very cool!  Once we were done with the mine we went to see how gold was melted and made into bars.  Then we went for ice cream.   Some of us went to go and look at some of the original mining houses.  Sadly, the trip had to end and we all got on the bus to go back to school.  What an exciting outing!
Keira Berell

When we heard we were officially going to Gold Reef City, I was so excited!  ‘We’re not going on the rides though!’  I was still excited.  Thursday finally arrived, and at 08:30, we were off.  Oh the pain of waiting!  We were standing still, doing nothing!  Luckily we finally got our arm bands and we were in.  We first watched a ten minute movie about the history of Johannesburg, which was very interesting.  Then the real fun began!  We got safety helmets (and thank goodness for that) and went down in a real mine shaft.  Seventy five meters down!  We explored a bit and then went back up.  We watched real gold being turned into the gold bars.  Unfortunately I had butter fingers and I could not pick the bar up.  At the end we learned how Johannesburg was established a long, long time ago.  What a fun day!
Gaopalelwe Leuta

Grade 5M
We have a purpose in this old mining town, to go down into the mine, but we are seeking not gold, but treasure of another kind.  We seek knowledge.  Ten of us pile into the cage-like lift as we descend into the depths of the earth:  Thirty four of us altogether.  We walk around under the earth and we find something more valuable than diamonds.  We find wonder.  We wonder at the way they did things fifty years ago, under the ground, closer to the centre of the earth than we’ve ever been before, then we ascend to the surface, we blink as the light hits our eyes, and then it’s all over.
Madhuri Padayatchi

I enter the dark and mysterious mines, noises coming from the drills, miners working as hard as they can to try and find this shiny, beautiful thing called gold.  We were going down the gold mines in Gold Reef City, but first we went to hear about what it was like working in the mines, and from what I heard it wasn’t easy.  They would go down an elevator, into the deep, dark, cold mines.

Then it was time to witness it for ourselves.  We were all shivering, some people because it was cold, but mostly because we were scared, and excited at the same time, like that feeling you get when you want to scream; a warm feeling inside you, and butterflies in your stomach.  We went down a lift.  It’s slow, and dark, then it stopped.  It was silent.  Suddenly the doors opened, revealing a dark tunnel that we went through.  I swallowed the lump in my throat, and stepped through the heavy, metal door, as we started our new journey beneath the rock.
Clare Stewart-Selvan