Grade 5K
Our Grade 5 assembly was the best.  I was in the group that went first and we were so nervous.  Our assembly was on LQ (Love Quotient) and my group did a skit about respecting different religions and cultures.  I liked how all the groups had different ideas and how everyone made their skits funny but still meaningful.  It was hard giving everyone in my group a fair amount of lines so we changed the skit many times.  We had to practice a lot but it was a joy to see how it all came together in the end.  At the end of our assembly we did the song ‘This is Me’ from the movie ‘The Greatest Showman.’  I found our actions very cool and the song was very catchy. I loved doing the Grade 5 assembly.
Maya Ndegwa

Grade 5M
Lights!  Action!  Applause!  We were ready, but of course we were a bit scared (and excited at the same time).  We were all waving to our parents or looking for them.  First everyone had to sing the hymn ‘We Are One In The Spirit’.  All the skits were amazing but passed by so quickly!  Sooner or later we were already singing ‘This Is Me’.  Everyone loved the song because they were singing with us.  It was fantastic.  We all really loved the play.  We can’t wait for our next one!
Bokamoso Swazi and Olivia Salmon