Grade 5K
I didn’t know about up-down, side-side relationships until a few weeks ago when Josh Ramsey visited APPS.  Some of the things he spoke about were the dangers of the internet and how we can avoid being bullied online.  I really enjoyed the fun games we played.  My favourite one was the one where Josh said something and if we’d heard of it we stepped forward.  Another game we played was when there were three signs, (yes, no, maybe.)  Josh asked questions and we would answer by standing under one.  We really should do this more often!  I thought the session with Josh was very valuable.
Emma Buchner

The media impact workshop with Josh Ramsey was a fun way to learn how dangerous social media is.   During the workshop we asked questions and played games.  One of my favourite games was the yes, no, maybe game.  During the game Josh would ask us a question and we would respond by walking over to the paper, yes, no or maybe.  At the end of the workshop we wrote down which apps we thought were dangerous.  But we must remember that if we see something a little bit strange we must go to an adult.  I found the workshop very interesting and I learnt a lot.
Addison Bailey

Grade 6
After a day with Josh Ramsey, all the grade 6 girls felt touched.  We learned that bullies should think before doing, and to consider how it would feel if it was to happening to them.  We played a few fun games, and then Josh showed us a heart breaking video about a young boy being cyber bullied.  One of my favourite things was a little trick he showed us to calm ourselves down:  We all have a ‘thinking’ brain and an ‘emotional’ brain.  When we get angry, our thinking brain flips, and our emotional brain comes out.  This is when we get so angry that we say things we don’t mean, and we do silly things.  We just need to bring the thinking brain back and we’ll calm down.  We finished off by him giving us a piece of paper, where we filled in apps that we feel are inappropriate, but he promised us that this information would remain anonymous and that he just wants to help make this a better place and world for all of us.  Josh Ramsey came to APPS to give us a vivid explanation on cyber bullying, and it definitely meant something to all of us.
Liya Adam

After introducing ourselves, Mr Josh Ramsey spoke about the ‘thinkingʼ brain and the ‘emotionalʼ brain.  The thinking brain is what we use to think and make decisions, whereas the emotional brain is the brain we use when experiencing different emotions.  We then did an exercise called ‘anyone elseʼ.  Mr Ramsey then showed us a video about cyber bullying and the effect it has on a person.  After showing us the video, we spoke about it.  We discussed the dangers of cyber bullying and shared whether we or anybody we knew had been cyber bullied before.  Then we did another exercise that was called ‘Yes, No, Maybeʼ.  Mr Ramsey stuck three pieces of paper up, each with either ‘yes, no, or maybeʼ written on it.  Mr Ramsey then asked a personal question, and whatever our answer was, we would stand beside that paper.  We did this for about ten minutes and we concluded by taking a pen and a piece of paper and writing/drawing an anonymous survey.  The talk was extremely informative and I learnt a lot of things.  Thank you to Mr Ramsey for coming to speak to us about the digital world and how it can affect a person.
Shoeshoe Mahlaku

Grade 7
Josh Ramsey came in to speak to the APPS girls about media.  We were told about all sorts of educational facts that will certainly help us all in our lives.  Including, what he calls, flipping your switch which means stop using your thinking brain and start using your emotion brain and VV, he then went on to tell us how to control it.  He taught us to be cautious on the internet to avoid cat fishing which is when someone pretends to be someone they’re not to attract younger, more naïve people.  Overall he was very intelligent, and shared a lot of important information that will definitely guide us through the turbulent waters of life.
Pia Rowji

I remember walking into the room not knowing what to expect and a little bit scared.  Josh changed that within the first ten minutes.  He reassured us that there was nothing to be afraid of and that he just wanted to help us.  We started off with talking about your thinking brain and your feeling brain and how to make sure you don’t flip your lid.  Count to ten, take deep breaths and try to think about what outcome this reaction will have.  We played many games about how we use social media.  Afterwards he even gave us an opportunity to write an anonymous tip on what websites he should warn other children about.  I am very glad that we had that talk because it made me feel like I’m not alone and that there is always someone there for me to talk to.
Analia Ntombela