On 25 May Grade 5 up to Grade 7 did the Afrikaans assembly.  We were all so excited to show what we had prepared!  The Grade 5 girls did poems, the Grade 6 girls did weather reports and advertisements and the Grade 7 girls did dialogues and movie trailers.  I personally thought they were all brilliant!  I think everyone in the school is going to speak fluent Afrikaans when they are older.
Ruby Hawarden – Grade 5

It was an awesome morning when everyone was happy, because it was the Afrikaans assembly.  There were various performances that were all enjoyable.  They were all entertaining and energetic, and we loved the movie trailers as well as the live presentations!  It was an awesome assembly, and certainly exciting for all girls, although not everyone understood everything, it was fun.  Next year I know that it will be as fun and thrilling as this year.
Daniella Landsberg – Grade 6