Grade 4G
Monday I came to school and lined up for assembly.  I was so excited as it was the day of my first camp!

We packed our bags on the bus.  My parents gave me millions of hugs and kisses, ’Stay safe!  Go  well!  Enjoy!  See you on Wednesday!  Bluetooth hugs and kisses!’  ‘Bye Mom, Bye Dad!’  I told my parents and went off to Maropeng.  It took a while to get there.  On the bus I ate my snacks.  I sat with one of my friends on the bus, her name is Nina.  Eventually we arrived at Maropeng (the cradle of human kind.)  I was fascinated when I saw the caves.

 I saw the stalactites and stalagmites. Later we got on the bus and zoooooomed of to Sterkfontein. I really enjoyed the boat ride, the vortex and more caves. When we arrived at Konka  camp we met our four facilitators: Bloom, Alice,  Jellybean and Lava Lope (well that’s what we call him.)

Each day was filled with fun activities like Cops and Robbers, Get Marbly Home, Save the Patient and many, many more.  We did kayaking and zip lining.

The funny part was when we did the banana and some tounge twit.  I enjoyed braaing marshmallows and playing djembe drums.  My favorite activity was the mudstacle course.  I loved getting dirty and the obstacles were a bit challenging.

I enjoyed the Konka camp so much but was super happy to come back home.

I was tired and happy I cannot wait for my next camp!
Riya Bhutt

‘Bye Mom!’ I shouted before waving goodbye.  At that moment I felt very sad.  I turned to see my best friend Courtney.  The trip felt long.  When we reached Maropeng I was happy because I love it there.  We went through the caves and it was lovely.  After a short bus trip and a lunch we found ourselves on a boat.  Miss Dane, Courtney, and I were laughing our heads off hearing every one scream!  Finally we were at camp and we met Jellybean, Bloom, and Alice.  They were amazing.  We did a few activities and I loved them!  We went to our dorm to gather our stuff and we went off to have dinner.  After we had a night hike, we saw lions and impala.  We then went to have a refreshing shower.  I’m sure you could smell me from a mile away!  And then we had a great sleep.

The next morning we had a lovely breakfast and played netball.  We did fun games like the hexachallenge, jail break, the bridge and they were awesome.  The hexachallange was hard, I couldn’t swing on the chains but I found them easy at the end.  When we did the bridge I found it was good fun but also taught us to listen to each other.  My group (Gurabi Gold Swans) got a time of 12mins 46sec and we did very well.  We then did jail break and my group had great team work.  After that, we had a long break and then did kayaking.  My partner was Erin and she was very good at it.  After everyone had a turn we did zip lining.  The zip line was very high and we zip lined over the lake.  The lunch was amazing, they did a great job with it.  After lunch we got dressed and went to do the mudstacle course.  I loved it but the only problem was you got mud in your ears and when it dried it was hard to get out.

When we finished we showered and had dinner, not knowing what was waiting for us!  We then sat down by ourselves and thought about what we are lucky to have.  After that we went and sat around a bonfire and did a tongue twister and braaied marshmallows!  They were delicious.  ‘Goodnight’ everyone said and went to sleep.  The next morning we did a few activities and got a packed lunch.

When we got to school we were welcomed back by our parents.  Camp was a great experience and I loved it there!
Maya Ndegwa

Grade 4B
I was happy but sad to go home after all this fun.  Now that I think about it I am stronger, more grown up, my teamwork is better and I’ve got new friends.  I had lots of fun and a spectacular time!
Rosa Heatlie

Exciting, fun, cool, crazy, hot and sad, these are just some words that describe our tour.  From the time our teachers first told us we were going on camp to the time they finally told us we were going to Konka, we were all so excited!  When our stay at Konka was over we got on the bus with our bags and mixed emotions.  We were all sad because we had to leave Konka but happy that we would see our families again.  Some of the things I’ve learned is to have fun, to look at the bright side, to try, and not to overthink things.  The most important lesson I’ve learned is that you won’t know if you like something unless you try it.
Aziza Carrim

The camp was a blast!  I learnt that we shouldn’t be scared to tell people our ideas and that you should listen.  I also learnt that you can mix ideas and let everyone have a chance to talk.
Khumo Thage