Grade 4G
My First Tour
I wasn’t very happy to leave my mum and dad.  Also when I got back from camp my parents weren’t here, they were in India.  In the bus before we left I cried.  The bus trip to Sammy Marks Museum was very long.  At the museum we went around the house, then we played games, had lunch and then hopped onto the bus.

When we arrived at Konka we saw lions and people kayaking.  We stayed in a big dormitory.   I slept for the first night on the bottom of the bunk bed and the next night on the top.  On the first day we played games and we swam.  We went on a night hike and saw lots of buck and three lions.  The next day we went to see the lions again, so we could see them properly.   Then we played a maze game and did an obstacle course.  We also did a scale balancing game and played a game called jail.  We loved the kayaking also known as canoeing.  After lunch we had tuck shop then we went for a well deserved swim.

The mudstacle was exciting where we did many activities.  Then we had to leopard crawl through mud and water and dung with our heads in the mud.  We had a shower and went to supper where we had a treat.  We got ice-cream.  Then we developed a war cry in our groups.  We called our group, ‘Spirit Warriors’.  Then we also did a mummy wrap with toilet paper and a race.  We finally went to a fireplace and played more games.  My favourite game was the ‘our capella’ singing game, we lost that game but it was still loads of fun.  At the end of all the games we braaied marshmallows and went to bed.

The next morning we set off bright and early.  We had pancakes for breakfast.  Then we took some photos and packed the bus.  When we got to Honeydew Mazes it was really hot.  Then we got split into groups and they chose a leader.  My leader wasn’t the best, but she tried when we told her what she was doing wrong.  My group left Sanaa and I all alone in the maze.  The golden rule was to never leave any member of your group alone.  On the way home I recognized all the malls which was really comforting.

When we got to the school my driver was waiting for me and we went straight home.  I phoned my mum and dad because they were at the airport and it made me feel much better.
Bibi Fathima Peer

Our Amazing Camp
In the morning there was a mixture between excitement and anxiousness.  We had assembly and got ready to go.  We wobbled a bit and then were on the move.  The bus was one of my favourite parts of camp.  We stopped at the Sammy Marks Museum.  I thought it was creepy because there is a ghost on the premises.  When that was done we hopped back onto the bus.  I dozed off for a wile but when I woke up everyone was laughing… I had bed hair!  We arrived at camp and met our instructors, Riri and Ashley.  Riri was my favourite because he was so bouncy and crazy.  I loved the activities we did.  My favourite activity was the mudstacle course.  I love getting muddy.  I thought the food was amazing and I thanked the cooks for every meal.  My favourite part of the camp was the lions.  They were beautiful.  I think this camp was the best camp ever!  It was really amazing.  Thank you Miss Dane, Miss Bushell and Mrs Govender for the opportunity.
Tayla Giles

Grade 4B
I had so much fun!  I loved Sammy Marks museum.  I learnt about Sammy and his family.  At camp we did so many fun things like learning how to kayak, playing new games and making new friends.  I learnt how to play a new game called ‘Scream’, it was so much fun!  My favourite part was when we all stood on a big wooden thing that was like a see-saw and we had to balance it.  I loved going on tour.
Cassidy Swartz

We had so much fun on tour!  We did lots of fun activities like kayaking, mud obstacle courses, swimming, seeing wildlife and more.  I had so much fun kayaking with Robyn and the mud obstacle course was so muddy!  Swimming in the afternoons was my favorite when we could just relax.  Camp was so much fun, I can’t wait for next year.
Katie Leishman

Tour was really fun!  I enjoyed the fun games we played.  I love kayaking.  When I was small my parents taught me how to kayak and doing it with friends is even more fun.  We did lots of other amazing things like balancing on a big board and playing a jail game.  I also had lots of fun swimming, hiking and playing games.  Camp was amazing!
Robyn van Der Walt