Grade 4G
Lights, Camera, Action!
It was the start of the APPS Senior Play.  I’m so interested to see how it’s going to start.  Well, we can’t watch it.  We have to wait in the classroom until it’s our scene.  While we were waiting for our part I was going crazy.  My ears were about to pop.  It was our first scene!  Our first scene was ‘Up, Up and Away.’  The girls in the aisle were holding the colourful balloons.  The girls on the stage were holding the fluffy clouds with lights in them.  We all wore the most amazing silk jumpsuits.  The second scene was ‘The Story Song.’  That was my absolute favourite scene.  We were separated into groups of Snake Charmers, Maps, Belly Dancers, Carpet Sellers and much more.  I was one of the extraordinary, beautiful and astonishing carpet sellers.  Overall, the play was phenomenal, magical and full of adventures.  Most of all, the Grade 7s were the spark of the play and lit it up.  I can’t wait for next year’s play.
Jamie Giles

The Spectacular School Play
The afternoon came for the matinee.  I was so excited to get on stage and be amazing.  Except for the fact that the wait felt so long before our first scene.  Finally, Miss Pearson came to call us and I jumped up, grabbed my cloud and ran backstage into the wings.  I heard the music playing in the darkness and suddenly lights, so the singing began.  I felt like a bright shining star in complete blackness and before I knew it, it was all over and I was walking offstage.  It was all a mad rush to get changed for our next scene but we were able to get it done in time.  When our next scene came, I was so excited because I was a map who had to let go of my prop and let it roll down me like a map usually rolls out to reveal the world.  Sadly like our other scene, it was over in a flash and it was time to go home.
Nicola Thomas

Grade 4N
Welcome to the most exciting extravaganza – Arabian Nights.  It is a thrilling adventure of a determined story teller named Shaherazade who tells the most enchanted stories.  This play is there for the excitement and the tales that Shaherazade tells which will change your point of view forever.  I would give this play a five out of five for the amazing acting, delightful dances, super singing and much more.  So enjoy the Grade 4 to 7 play of ‘Arabian Nights.’
Rosa Stewart

The APPS senior play for 2019 is called ‘Arabian Nights.’  I was in two scenes – ‘Up, Up and Away’ and ‘Story Song.’  ‘Up, Up and Away’ is a song of sunsets and the costumes for ‘Up, Up and Away’ were the gold fading into brown, but there were also blue ones fading into purple.  Some of us held lit up balloons or lit up clouds on the stage for the scene ‘Up, Up and Away.’  For the matinee and all the other shows we had make-up on with our costumes and first went on stage with our props of balloons and clouds.  Then we changed into our Phoenix costumes for the ‘Story Song.’  There were many props like camels, boats, spice holders and some of us were villains, snake charmers, spice sellers, carpet sellers and phoenixes.  I think this is one of my favourite plays ever!
Juliet Hodgson-Jervis

Grade 5K
Three months of rehearsals, all going into four performances.  All the lines, cues and songs, but after all it was worth it.  All the grades were amazing.  The Grade 5s sang the best in my view, but I might be a little biased because I am in Grade 5.  My favourite song was ‘Prince Ali’ because of how fabulous we looked with all the actions and beautiful outfits.  All the Grade 7s really got into their rolls and played them very well.  I loved the story about the man who was trying to divorce his shoes because it was really cool how he was trying to get rid of them, but the shoes just kept finding their way back to him.  The play was exciting and it was a lot of fun.  I can’t wait for next year’s play.  Throughout the last few years I think this is the best play.
Tallula Brook

Arabian nights, like Arabian days.  From 31 July to 3 August it was the amazing Senior Play and we did Arabian nights.  All the preparing from the beginning of the second term was put to the test.  The Grade 7s had the lead roles, the Grade 6 girls had three songs and so did the Grade 5s, while the Grade 4s had two.  I personally think that the Grade 5s had the best songs, singing, attitude and facial expression, but I might be wrong, I could just be thinking that because I’m in Grade 5.  The performances were from Wednesday to Saturday.  Overall, we all had so much fun being in the play, waiting in the classrooms and playing games with our friends.  I honestly can’t wait for next year and being in Grade 7 the year after that.  Getting to have as much fun and laughter, working hard to reach the potential we all know we have.  What will the next play be?
Mia Ferrara

Grade 5M
After a few long months of intense work, the play week was finally here.  It had been a hard week, but I think we all really enjoyed it.  If you go backstage and see what is going on, you won’t believe that we are that prepared on stage.  We have Grade 7s trying their hardest to keep us quiet.  One part that Grade 5s won’t forget was on our final performance of Arabian nights.  Dani wanted to take a video.  As the curtains started to open, she realised that she would be on stage.  If she didn’t get off soon, she would be a part of the Arabian Nights song!  Luckily she go off on time.

One of my personal favourites of the play is Abu Kassim and his shoes.

It was an APPS play to never forget!
Emily Gebhardt

Grade 7
In Grade 4, we idolised the Grade 7 girls on the stage, and thought that our moment in the limelight was almost unreachable.  Then, suddenly, our stomachs churn with anticipation as the first notes of our opening song reach our ears, and we take the first step out onto a wide open stage.  Not for the first time, we wonder how we got here.

Every night the atmosphere changes as the last performance draws near.  We were jittery before every show, but we did the best we could on the stage, and simultaneously learnt new things about each other and found a new love for our fellow APPS pupils.

Emotions run high as we comprehend that we are already more than halfway through our Grade 7 year.  We finally internalise our dear friend, Gao’s words when she said that we need the strength of friendship to bind us together, even at different high schools.

It was an unforgettable experience, much like all our time at APPS.
Lola Moultrie and Maryam Akhalwaya