Grade 4M
Our Assembly about the 3 R’s
Lights!  Camera!  Action!  I’m going on stage to do our Grade 4 Assembly.  Everybody is so excited although some are also nervous.  It’s all about Grade 4.  ‘Oh No!’  New subjects, different teachers to work with, more homework, longer days, drama exam but most importantly the best thing about Grade 4 is ‘CAMP’.  So excited, I can’t wait.  I made it to Grade 4.  Here I am, my dream come true after waiting so long.  Can you believe it?  We do Science too, experimenting with different chemicals.  I cannot wait.  We even get our own email address.  That was what our Grade 4 assembly taught me about this year.
Hanaan Carrim

We were all so nervous before our assembly on Responsibility, Respect and Resilience and we only had four days to practice.  Driving to school, my heart and mind were racing.  I learned a lot from our Grade 4 assembly.  There was so much to learn about all the new subjects and rules.  It is only the start of Grade 4 and I was starting to feel stressed out.  Inside the hall, sitting on my box and staring nervously at my mum, she smiled at me.  It went well and then ‘BOOM’ we were finished.  We powered throughout it and finished off singing our song so beautifully.
Nkanyezi Tshalata

Grade 4G
Best Assembly Ever!     

Ughh, I am so nervous to get onto the stage.  So where do I start?  We talked about so much I can’t even name all of the things but I can name some.  The part that I played was about a girl who brought too many bags to school, and I was her teacher, and she needed to take more responsibility.  We talked about respect, resilience, new subjects such as history and geography.  We also had a camp talk, a Chatterbox conversation, longer days and the drama exam.  There was a maths and science rap and they were cool.  So the first part of the play was about a girl who was nervous.  But the best part was it was lots of fun!
Anna Chorley

The Big Play
I’m up on the stage.  I don’t know what to do I’m terrified!  No don’t say that!  I go up on the stage and say my lines.  ‘Woo hoo!’ shouted the crowd.  Wait where are all my butterflies?  They are gone.  OMG we made it through the whole show.  I did resilience, but the best part was the song.  We sang ‘Here I am’, it was a great song and I could do it again.  The best part was the drama exam.  I would love to name the title and share my opinion on a picture and if I prepare well for my story, I might become a storyteller one day.  Mrs Levin would be impressed if I practised super duper well.  That’s a long way ahead so I better practice.
Nala Remesha