Grade 4G
Eyes glued to us like we were a group of magicians, hypnotising them.  It was our cricket for dummies assembly play with all sorts of hilarious jokes and interesting information for all the cricket lovers and learners.  Some of the information was:  What is a batsman?  A batsman is the person who bats the ball to the other side of the field.  We also educated our audience on some of the words and signs of cricket that might get you really confused.  It was super funny and educational to those who never knew anything about cricket.  We ended our play with a jazzy song.  The result of our hard work and awesome humour paid off.  Some of us forgot our lines and had to make stuff up as we went along.  It was also a hard play to pull off seeing that we only had three days to practice.  It was a great play and everyone loved it.
Inês Bregman

‘Bowler – a member of the fielding side who bowls to the batsman’.  Except of course I was a batsman.  It was amazing to have the chance to act as such an exceptional cricket player and for those of you who werent there to see my superb performance, I was Hashim Amla.

The only bit I regretted afterwards was the beard.  When I signed up for being a world famous cricket player no one told me about a beardor a cricket outfit.  In fact I am sure that when Hashim Amla is not playing cricket he wears something more normal.  Anyway there I was on the stage, cricket bat in hand and wearing the biggest cricket outfit you have ever seen and trying not to pull the beard off while I was asked, where I was born.  Luckily I remembered that I was born in Durban on the 31 March 1983, yes you read that right 1983!  And then all too quickly it was over, the music stopped and all anyone could hear was the thunderous applause.  I felt like I might burst, I was so happy.
Rachel Moultrie