Amazing Emotions
Grade 4G:
Everybody has felt emotions, it is how you react to them that is important.  Emotions can play with you a lot, so you must remind yourself that you are the boss of your body and your feelings.  The Grade 4 class learnt all about emotions, in fact we put on a play about this.  I have learnt how to react to the sense of being sad, jealous, grumpy, frightened and many other feelings.  We did little scenes and short performances.  At the end, every group did a phrase or gave advice on how to deal with their emotions.  When you feel anxious you must breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.  When you feel angry, don’t take out your anger on someone else, instead acknowledge it and talk to someone about it.  I could detail endlessly what to do in every scenario but that would be too prescriptive.  Instead come up with your own technique, one that works for you.  I hope that you will try it out and you will become a more easy going and happier person. Try something new, banish the blues.
Sophie Allan

Happy, sad, excited, gloomy and embarrassed.  These are only some of the emotions we feel.  Emotions are very strong feelings, they can hurt people or make them happy.  The Grade 4 girls did a play on Emotions.  I was buzzing with excitement to do the play.  I knew the play could change the way we speak and behave towards other people, and it did.  So that proves that emotions are very strong.  Remember to think before you speak.  I’m going to tell you a little bit about the play.  There were six groups and they all did different emotions.   All of us learned something new.  This is my overview on the play and it was great.  I loved it and I loved doing it and remember what you say can trigger someone’s emotions.
Amber Doran

Grade 4B:
The assembly play was very fun.  I learnt a lot more about controlling my emotions.  When I heard we have to make our own play, I felt so excited!  It was really awesome to make up a story with my group.  When I stepped onto stage to perform in front of my parents if just gave me more confidence.  I love doing plays especially this one.
Kirsten Simpson

We all experience different emotions all the time.  I think we could all learn a lesson from this wonderful play that we did.  We all enjoyed it!  This play really made me think about how I have acted to others and really taught me a lesson.  This was an exciting play for me and I loved learning about emotions with my class and the other class.
Tiyana Williams