Grade 5K
The 2019 swimathon was a lot  fun.  The Grade 3 to 7 girls were trying hard to get lots of laps done in the pool while the Grade 0, 1 and 2 girls did a fun walk around the school themed as ‘The Greatest Showman’.  I swam 90 laps in the pool.  After the walkathon and swimathon everyone got glittery mermaid tail key rings and a pack of yummy chips.  I loved my first swimathon at APPS.
Addison Bailey

Grade 5M
I woke up at 05:00 to go to school, I was so excited!  The Grade 5 girls were having a competition to see who could walk and swim the most laps.  My class, Grade 5M, were called the Mac Attacks and the other class were called the Knight Fury’s.  When the walkathon opened my friends and I started walking as soon as we could, it was so fun.  My best friend and I walked a total of twenty laps.  The breakfast was really yummy and the hot chocolate was the best I have ever tasted!  At 07:15 we had to go back to class and we went to some lessons.  When it was our chance to swim I was really excited but when I dived into the pool it was so cold!  After we finished swimming we got really pretty mermaid tails and some ice cream and chips.  Yum!  Then we had break and went back to class.  I had a really nice time swimming, walking and having fun with my friends.  I can’t wait to do it again next year!
Genevieve Rowland

At 05:00 I woke up ready to walk.  When we arrived at school at 05:30 I went straight to the field with my friends but the people who prepared the walking weren’t ready so we played and talked for a bit.  When they were ready we ran!  There were delicious egg and bacon roles, croissants and the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!  In total we did 20 laps on the field and more than 10 000 steps.  We went back to class for assembly.  When we started swimming it just went like a blur.  If you got tired you could just swim to the end of the pool, have a break and chat to your friends!  I had a lot of fun swimming, thinking of a pizza day in whatever clothes you want to wear.  I was thinking so much about it that I forgot that I was even swimming!  What fun we all had and afterwards we got a packet of chips and a mermaid tail.  I just hoped we’d done enough to beat the Grade 7 class because they have won every year since grade 0!  Sadly the Grade 7’s did win again this year, but we won the ice cream day!  I love the swimathon a lot.
Olivia Salmon