Grade 3V
As you know, we went to the dairy farm.  One of my favourite things was holding the bunnies.  I’ve loved bunnies all my life.  They were so cute and furry.  I felt like I had a connection with one because it clinged on to me when the man tried to take it away.

We did other fun stuff like milking the cow.  We milked a fake cow because they were too close to the city to have cows so they drew a fake.  They attached these sucky things to a bucket and attached the bucket to the ‘cow’.  They put milk in the bucket but it was still extremely fun.

The cheese making was really fun so this is how it worked.  We got a bit of cheese.  We had to roll it in flavouring and in a tiny bit of salt.  Every now and again I took a bit of flavouring off the plate and ate it.  It was really good.  I was SO sad when it was time to go but at least I will always remember this day.  It’s going to be in my memory forever.
Nicola Thorburn

At Grant’s Dairy we had so much fun.  One of my favourite memories was holding the bunnies.  As I waited for my turn to hold the bunny I examined it closely.  The miniature animal had blueish eyes, it also had white and light brown fur, then the man handed me the bunny.  It was softer than the softest jersey I had ever worn.  It was softer than the fluffiest blanket I had ever cuddled.  In fact, it was so soft that I didn’t even bother when it tickled me with its soft paws.

I also liked the tractor ride.  As I got on to the tractor, my heart beat faster and faster.  The tractor ride was bumpy and slow, but I had lots of fun.  One of the things that I saw on the tractor was the driver’s monkey clinging on for dear life!
Leah Ismail-Bauer

One day Mrs Verner said we can go to a dairy farm.  I got such a surprise.  When the day came I was so excited.  When we got there the first thing we did was play tug of war.  It was amazing.  We pulled and pulled.  I fell down a couple of times but it was worth it.

We went on a tractor.  It was a bit bumpy but it was lots of fun.  We saw lots of dogs.  There was a dog that was barking crazy.  It was so much fun.

The last thing we did was hold bunnies and played on the playground.  The bunnies were so soft.  We all felt like having bunnies.  The trampoline on the playground was such fun.  It was bouncy and big.  I had a great time.
Alex Mokhele

Grade 3K
On Thursday 6 June 2019, at 09:15 we got on the bus.  I sat next to Rachel Stevens next to the window on the bus.  When we got there we went to put our stuff down under a tree.

We learnt about horses and goats.  Then we got put into two different groups, yellow and green.  I was in the yellow group.  We went on a tractor ride.  The man who was driving had a monkey in a nappy.  After that we fed goats and a turkey then we got to hold CUTE rabbits.  Then we went to go milk a fake cow.  They don’t have real cows because of people who have allergies.  I was the first person to go.

After that we had cheese and fruit yoghurt.  Then we saw how they made milk.  We went to get butter and had more cheese with salt and spice.  Finally, we went to play two games.  In sack racing, my group won.  We also played tug-of-war and after that we got ice-cream and played on the jungle gym.   We got back on the bus and I then sat next to Amantle and we came back.
Sophia Mullin