Praise Poem
Grade 3V:
African Child
I loved the part when I walked on from backstage shouting “E-e,” and “O-o”.
I found it really hilarious when the audience laughed when there were funny poems.  My mum said we blew her away.
My favourite part was when I said my poem and I saw my mum send me a proud smile.
Aziza Carim

In the morning we were going to go and do a play.  When we were walking to the hall my feet went numb.
When we went on stage I was nervous.  I was at the back of the stage.  I saw my mom and dad.
So in the middle of the play, I got confident for my parents.  At the end I was happy.  I went to say Hi.
Then we went to go and get dressed.
Courtney Peters

I was so cold walking to the hall.  Even worse, the grass was wet.
When I was in the hall, I felt like I was in heaven.  I felt like laughing.
It was really fun.  We recited ’African Child’!  I thought I forgot all the words but they just came out my mouth.
When our group number eight stood, I was the first to speak.  I was so frightened but I remembered it well.
We started to sing again.  Everyone was staring at us.  Then we went to get changed.  It was great!
Olivia Salmon

We had to do the play barefoot, so when I was waiting outside my feet were turning into icicles.  I was very relieved when we went into the hall because then my feet had a chance to warm up.  I also liked going into the hall because the music could start and we could start singing ‘Vulindlela’.  After singing ‘Vulindlela’ we did ‘African Child’.  Then when it was my chance to do my poem, I did “My mom is as cuddly as a lioness” and “my dad is clever as an elephant – he can explain anything.”  Once everyone had done their poems, I stood up and said a line by myself.  I said, “Thank you that they are willing to say ‘no’ sometimes, so we learn not to take the easy way out.  “After that, we sang ‘Jabulani Africa’ and then left the hall.  My mom was waiting outside and quickly said ‘Goodbye” to me because my brother was grumpy.
Genevieve Rowland

This morning I woke up excited because it was the Grade 3 Assembly.  I dressed in my winter uniform, ate breakfast and got ready.  I was panicking because I thought we were going to be stuck in traffic but we didn’t get stuck – we got to school on time and I was happy.  When I got upstairs I got into my Zulu clothes and jewellery.  When we were done dressing a Grade 7 girl picked us up and we went to assembly.  When we got there I lined up with the rest of Grade 3.   When I got on stage the whole audience looked at us.  We sang ‘Vulingela’ and we did ‘African Child’.  At the end I hugged my mom and said goodbye. Kwanda Nhlapo

Grade 3S:
On the 26th of May my grade and I were doing a play, we were doing praise poems about our parents.  When it was time to start I was nervous but exited.  After a while it was my turn to say my poem I was shaking a bit.  When the play started to end we sang Jabulani Africa and I was happy that the play had ended I really don’t know why.  As the grade 3s went out we could say “hi!” to our parents.
Cara Hirschson

First I was nervous that I would forget my lines but I remembered them perfectly.  I was so happy that my dad came because my mom and I didn’t remind him.  After we said everything, we sang some more so our parents could go outside, then they all went out after them.  When I went to my class my feet were freezing.  I love doing class assemblies.
Nuha Cassim

In the morning, I felt really nervous that I was going to mess some thing up.  When I was lining up, I saw every one looking at the door I was in.  When I was walking onto the stage, I felt really proud of myself.  We did really well.  Then it was the end and I wish we could do it again, it was so much fun.
Emily Gebhardt

This morning I had a blast because Grade 3 had a play about praise poems.  I was exited and scared at the same time and. We got to comper our parents and dress up in South African clothes.  I wish it could go on for ever.  This assembly was amazing.  I loved being on stage.
Khanyisa Ndamase