Grade 3V
Our Picnic
Our group was first getting into groups and then getting our Grade 7s.  I got Cecelia.  My group decided that we each bring something.  I brought chicken nuggets.  Ilsa brought most of the stuff like the picnic blanket and other things.

The things I had to bring were chicken nuggets and my emoji pillow.  I didn’t bring much.  On the day, my emoji had a little rip.

Our group decided our theme was going to be ‘Relaxing’.  On Monday was the picnic and I was so excited! We set up everything and down came our Grade 7s.  My group was Ilsa, Aisha, Iman and me.  Ilsa got Rachel, Aisha got Mrs Smith, Iman got Ana and I got CECELIA!  My group was doing moustaches with whipped cream.

Next time we should not be so messy, also we shouldn’t have sprinkled flower petals because we spent a lot of time picking up.
Rebecca Slater-Jones

Our group’s planning was a bit boring because everyone just wanted to do their idea.  They didn’t want to do mine.  Our theme was ‘Sports’.

The things I had to bring were a blanket, serviettes, cozzie, a hockey stick and ball.

Setting up our theme was very funny because Nicky’s stuff kept falling down.  Then my Energade squirted in my eye.

Our guests and us were having a very awkward picnic because everyone was just looking at each other.  Next time we should talk to each other and not just stare.
Sophie Spence

Our group was Nala, Maddie, Sophie and I.  Our Grade 7s/teachers were Mrs Springer, Ms Harley, Zainab and my Grade 7 was Analia!  Our group had a bit of bickering but in the end we decided to have sports as our theme.  The Grade 3s had to do everything because we were the hosts.

The things I had to bring were a netball, goggles, a hockey stick, serviettes and plates.

It was quite a rush because we did not have a lot of time.  We put the hockey sticks on the sides of the picnic blanket.  We put the netball and the goggles in the middle of the picnic blanket.  I put the plates opposite each other.  I wrote sports sayings on the plates.  I brought a platter to put all my food on.

Our guests and us told some stories about ourselves.  We did not just talk to our own Grade 7/teacher which was nice.  Ms Harley wanted to see if I could finish a huge muffin, I did!  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I think it was perfect.
Nicola Thorburn

Grade 3K
The Planning Process
On Tuesday 9 July we all got together in groups and decided that our theme was ‘Under the Sea.’  We all wanted to bring our own lunches for our Grade 7 partner or teacher.  In my group, I had Gemma D, Kristen and Amaanah, and my guest was Mrs Macleod.
At the picnic with our guests we were chatting about things like ‘what is your favourite animal, or colour.’  I asked my teacher what the Grade 0s do in class.  And the other Grade 3s and guests I think said pretty much the same.
Food Choices
We were discussing what to bring for our own lunches but then we wanted to all share food, but finally we decided to all have our own lunches.  So what I brought was sausage rolls, biltong, carrots and sparkling water.
What I Would Add Or Change?
Next time, I would probably not change anything.  I think it was perfect.
Anna Chorley

The Planning Process
I was really scared when I got my Grade 7 partner because I did not know her.  We had it on the big field.  In my group I had Addi, Ali, Hala and me.  Our guests were Mrs Barker, Peer, Rati and my Grade 7 partner was Lola.  I decided to bring the paper plates and cup.  Then they asked who will bring the samoosa’s so I offered to bring them.  And I offered to bring water and crisps.
Mrs Barker asked how is grade seven and grade three.  Then I asked how is your life in Grade 7.  They said that it is a hard question and I asked my Grade 7 which month is your birthday in and she said April.  And I was surprised because everybody I know is born in April.
Food Choices
Ali brought a rug, decorations, serviettes and sandwiches.  Addi brought fruit salad and spoons.  Hala brought pies and a rug.  Ali also brought a camping chair.
What I Would Add Or Change?
I think we could have brought some more decorations.  But everything else was SUPER!
Hanaan Carrim

The Planning Process
It went well with my group.  In my group was Isla, Iman and Rebecca.  The planning went well but we forgot bowls and chips.
We decided what we were going to do as a group and who brings what.  We talked about our theme and decided it would be relaxing.  We discussed how we were going to set up.  We put two blankets on the grass and sprinkled rose petals on top.
Food Choices
I was going to bring Salmon on toast, pasta, pancakes and chocolate.  Just for me and my teacher but I ended up just bringing pancakes and chocolate for my group.
What I Would Add Or Change?
I want to add a gazebo so that the sun would not be in my eyes.  I would change having a teacher but I still really liked having Mrs Smith.
Aisha Nathie

The Planning Process
When we started I hoped I was with a Grade 7 girl because I knew most of them.  The day came when Ms Khosa was going to choose our groups.  I got Izzie, Rebecca, Sara and Anna in my group.  We didn’t plan much.  We asked Sara to bring Halaal food and vegan free food.  Anna brought drinks, Rebecca brought blankets and apples and I brought blankets and snacks.  We made our food look like a face.  We also had a chair for Miss De Wet.
First the teachers were talking to each other about the food.  Ameera was also there but she was so quiet.  I guess it’s because she was the only Grade 7 there.  After I was done eating all of us started to ask our guests some questions then the bell rang so the picnic was over.
Food Choices
First Rebecca said that we must discuss what we can and what we can’t bring, so we spoke about what was on our reply slip.  We couldn’t bring red meat or gluten.  We brought fruit, chips, water and cookies and cups for the water.
What I Would Add Or Change?
I think we were great and there was really nothing to change.
Nkanyezi Tshalata

Grade 7
We were bubbling with excitement as we walked down the ramp, smiling with joy as we saw the brightly set picnics.  There was a murmur of excitement as we all went to find our Grade 3 partners.  There was a wide variety of themes, from sports to chillaxing.  By the end of our wonderful picnics, our stomachs were filled with joy.  We were all grinning from ear to ear.  This is a memory that will stay with us forever.
Analia Ntombela and Ena Opperman