Grade 2S
It was the best ever!  I had such a fun time at the sweet factory.  We tasted some really good sweets.  Some of the machines were so cool.  Cartoon Candy is the best sweet factory I have been to in my life and of course….I LOVE sweets.
Isla Price

On Thursday I went to the sweet factory.  I learnt that it is not just machines that make the sweets, they are also handmade.  It stunk like mad.  I got a big packet of sweets at the end.
Kristen Hannie

Grade 2L
We the Grade 2 class of 2018 went to Cartoon Candy, as an outing.  We got to taste a lot of sweets, for example wineguns, suckers and plenty more.  I think that was my best outing yet.  I can’t wait for my next outing.
Alexis James

We went to Cartoon Candy as our outing this year.  We had to wear hair nets.  When we went into the factory we saw a lot of boxes.  We tried all of the candy.  The first room we went to was the cold room.  In the cold, we saw how they make Gummy. Cartoon Candy was amazing.
Saoirse Behan