Grade 2S
The Grade 2 assembly happened in the hall and we were in civvies.  I wore starry leggings, a dress and a long top.  My best part was Todos Hountos.  I felt scared.  I do not know how my mom and dad felt.  I loved saying my bits and it was the best assembly.  I thought the choice of song was very interesting.  In the end I had another line and did fine.  Overall I thought it was AMAZING.
Emma Hilburn

On Wednesday 10 July the Grade 2 girls had a special assembly.  My favourite bit was when we sang the song.  My mom and dad thought it was awesome.  The play was about hands and how we use them.  I felt nervous in the beginning but at the end I was happy.  The play was in the hall.  I wore two pretty skirts, a pretty top and pretty pants.  I WAS SO EXCITED.
Emily Bürge

Grade 2B
I was nervous but it was so so much fun!  I wore a cream colour dress and a flower in my hair.  My line was ‘we use our hands to show love and kindness by hugging our mom or dad.’  I had so much fun singing and dancing it felt like a disco party.  I stood next to Kels, we sang a song called Toros Juntos it is Spanish for ‘all together’.  We sang and sang.  I felt so happy and most importantly the audience was smiling and I could not help smiling too. At the end I felt very very proud of myself.
Olivia Holmes

In the morning I was so nervous, even Ntokozo had stage fright.  But Selah was so excited and I don’t know if Mrs Barker was happy or not.  My heart was beating faster than normal.  It’s time to go to assembly.  I wore butterfly pants and double sided zipped boots and don’t forget the sweater.  I said my lines perfectly, well I think so.  I sang and danced and my Mummy was so happy.  I just wished my Daddy was there.  That’s what happened at my Grade 2 assembly.
Sahlah Tikly