Grade 2S
One day me and my class walked to the music classroom.  Our music teacher Miss Borthwick showed us a video of the ‘PJ Jam Song’.  In a few more weeks we had learnt a few poems and another song.  We practised them again and again until the day came.  Everyone was wearing PJ’s except some of the teachers.   When we got on stage I was so excited.  We sang, we danced and we talked.  When we walked out I couldn’t say bye to my mom because she had already left.
Georgia van der Walt

Our play was about dreams and we had to wear our PJ’s.  We did songs and I did the prayer with Jamie and we all loved it.  Our music teacher Miss Borthwick taught us lovely songs.  We sang ‘PJ Jam’.  One of the songs was called ‘I have a dream’.  I’m wearing PJ’s today and it is PJ Day.  The whole school had to wear PJ’s.  Today I wore my bear bear onesy, it is so fluffy and sweet.  It’s white in the middle and grey on the hood and ears.  My dream was for there to be no robbers in the world.  Another poem was snowball.  Miss Seebregts and Miss Witbooi helped and taught us the poems.
Jessica Buxton-Forman

This morning was our Grade 2 assembly.  I was so excited.  First we said our ‘Snowball’ poem, then we sang our pyjama song.  Then we said our dreams for the world and we sang ‘I have a dream’.  Then Mahdiyya said our dreams for the school.  Last but not least Hannah said our dreams.
Lilitha Masinda

Grade 2W
On Pyjama Day when the whole school wore pyjamas to school the Grade 2 girls did an assembly on ‘Dreams’.

I loved being on stage.  I loved everything especially when I spoke and the song we sang ‘The Pyjama Jam!’  After our assembly if mom or dad was there we could go and say ‘hi’ and show them our Owls. They had to go home, I said ‘bye’.  I went straight to class because we had a test.
Nicola Thomas

My favourite thing was the song ‘I have a dream’ and doing our dreams, mine was ‘I wish I could dive 25 meters deep in the ocean!’  It was a lot of fun!  The end part was very exciting.  It was a very amazing show.  But it was very, very fast to me.  And we said poems for example: ‘Let no one steal your dreams’ and ‘Dreams’ and ‘Snowball.  I loved the play and in the end it was a great success.
Philippa van der Walt