Grade 1M
My Daddy and I went to go and get a kite from the shop to make and decorate.  On kite day, the kite did not get off the ground. I thought it would fly but it did not.  I had a doughnut and hot chocolate and I don’t know what my Daddy had.  I was very tired from flying my kite so we went home.
Zainab Wadee

At home I looked up how to make a kite.  I made it out of light material and used wood to hold it together.  I was excited but also scared.  Unfortunately, it did not fly.  At the end we got doughnuts and we had fun.
Georgia Garstang

I was excited and I was nervous.  I wondered if my kite was going to fly or not.  But it did!  My mom and I bought cellophane.  It was an ocean theme.  I ran very fast with it.  My kite was very light.  I could walk with it.  Then I had a doughnut with chocolate on it.
Nina Gampel Grant

Grade 1W
My grandpa and I made my kite.  It was gold and silver.  My dad and I went and flew my kite at school.  I had a doughnut and a bit of hot chocolate.
Kaiyah Sana

My dad and I built a kite and then we tried to fly it.  It started to fly and then the next day we brought the kite to school and my dad crashed into me.  My dad tried to fix my kite with sticky tape.  We tried to fly it, but it still didn’t fly because the stick broke.  So, my dad and I decided to have some doughnuts and hot chocolate.
Lexi Harvey

My dad and I went to buy the things for my kite.  After we got the things me and my mom made the kite.  I put the spots on. On kite flying day we flew the kite, but it did not fly.  We had hot chocolate and doughnuts.
Georgia Sharp

Me and my daddy were flying our kite.  The spine broke but we taped it back together.  We flew my kite again.  The spine broke again!  We couldn’t fly it, so we ate doughnuts and hot chocolate.
Naledi Ojwang