Grade 1M
I was myself.  I wore a dress because the butterfly on my dress made me feel like I could fly.  The flowers made me feel that I am a flower in the sun, big and strong.  I was happy when the parents clapped and shouted ‘wooowooo!’
Willow Glover

I wore my clothes because they made me feel powerful.  My clothes said:  “Our future is equal!”  I was happy and nervous at the same time.  The parents were amazed at us.  It was such fun.
Milan William

I was a farmer girl.  I wore my dungarees because I always wanted to live on a farm.  When we did our song, it was hard to do the actions because I am left handed and the actions were right handed.
Anna Miller

Grade 1W
I decided to wear my ballet clothes because they make me feel powerful.  My favourite part of our assembly was the song because it was about Girl Power and I can choose what I want to be and go where I want to and about taking a risk.
Emma Hilburn

I decided to wear a pineapple top because I felt like it and it was my decision on fashion.  My favourite part was the song ‘I am a girl I can do anything.’
Maryam Hajee

I decided to wear my Girl Power t-shirt because it makes me feel very special.  My favourite part of the assembly was learning about Yusra Mardini.
Mila Magugu

I decided to wear a ballet outfit because I feel powerful and that I can do anything in it.  My favourite part of our Grade 1 assembly was when we sang ‘I am a girl and I can do anything.’
India Taylor