Grade 2W
I was a purple octopus with long tentacles.  My mom did the makeup.  We had pink twirls on our eyebrows and blue on our eyes.  We also had white dots going down our faces to our necks.  When we were walking to the hall I had a lot of fizzles!  When we were at the hall I was watching the Grade 3’s.  When Miss Borthwick started playing we went on with funny music!  Then we sang ‘There’s a commotion in the ocean.’  After that we sang ‘Music was my first love.’  We were supposed to be sad but I could not stop smiling.  The funny part was when Paula’s octopus eye came off.  I love that show!
Jamie Giles

In the concert I was a shimmering seaweed.  I wore a green dress and green pants.  The dress had material, and it shone so brightly.  My make-up I wore was green, and I had green lipstick and blue glitter.  I looked fantastic.  The lights were shining so brightly that the audience was amazed.  I sang beautifully and so loudly that people from right at the back could hear me.  I danced and performed so beautifully that everyone clapped.  We got pizza afterwards and a juice. The next morning we could go to school at nine o’clock – hooray!
Safiya Hajee

I’m a seahorse in the play.  We wear a unitard, a mask, a fan on our heads, a ribbon around our waists and a water pistol.  In the first scene that the Grade 2’s are in I’m in the right hand corner and in the second scene I’m in the left hand corner.  I was so excited.  We had a juice and pizza afterwards.  Then we finished our grownup colouring in sheet.  The scariest part was when my water pistol fell since there was a big crowd out there.
Ella Watermeyer

Grade 2S
Last night it was so much fun.  My costume was fabulous and I loved dancing in the play.  When I sang it felt happy.  I loved the concert and my make-up and I liked being a mermaid.  It was an adventure through music.
Malaika Witbooi

It was inspiring for everybody, everybody had a part, nobody was left out.  My favourite part was the electric eels.  The make-up was extremely fabulous.  We practised sometimes for 1 whole HOUR.  Welna made our costumes.  I was an electric eel.  Last week Mrs Levin told us to do a dress rehearsal.  On Monday we did the concert for the whole school and on Monday night the DVD lady came.  I was nervous.
Mahdiyya Laher

I walked on stage with the scariest face I could do because I was a SHARK!  My favourite costume except mine was the jellyfish.  I feel happy on stage and I can’t help but smile.  First we sang a song called ‘Commotion in the ocean’.  I like that song because it’s silly.  For the ‘Commotion in the ocean’ and ‘Music Medley’ I stood next to Inés and Jude.  For part two I stood next to Safiya – she was seaweed.  The sharks were Uzu, Casey-Lee Isabella and me.  My favourite part is when the sharks get a part with the Grade 3’s.  I love dancing and singing and jumping around.  It was a great show, I absolutely loved it!  My costume looked like this – necklaces, a cap, t-shirt with dorsal fin, arm bands and face paint.  Everyone looked beautiful.
Georgia van der Walt