Grade 2S
On Tuesday 25 September, we went on a school trip to Forest Town.  It was very exciting.  We went to watch Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children were disabled and their play was amazing.  I was very scared of the giant.  I thought that the cardboard cars and bus were so cool.  The dancing was amazing and the market place was so clever.  I couldn’t resist the beanstalk.  I think Jack’s costume was the best.  The end was amazing.  Then we got on the bus and came back to school.  It was the best play I had ever seen.
Hannah Sayed

We were so excited after our teacher told us we were going to a show.  We went on the bus and we eventually got to Forest Town School.  The show was Jack and the Beanstalk.  I loved the giant’s scary voice.  We liked all the songs especially the one joined together with all the characters and the money dance.  I loved how Jack could actually climb the beanstalk.  We all loved the show and were so sad when it was finished.  We all wanted to watch it again but we couldn’t.  We went on the bus back to APPS.
Emily Muller

From school we went on the bus to Forest Town School.  We were very, very excited.  We were watching Jack and the Beanstalk.  I was sitting next to Hannah and Maddie at the very back of the bus.  I loved Jack when he stole the giant’s food.  At the end everybody was singing.  I loved how they made the taxi out of cardboard.  I loved the colourful dancing and when they were throwing the money.  At the end we were very sad, then we went back to school.
Hanaan Carrim

Grade 2L
I was so excited.  I was jumping up and down on the bus.  When I got there I went into the hall.  Then the play started.  After the play, we went back to school.
Millie Mussett

My best fairy tale is Jack and the bean stock.  My favourite part in Jack and the bean stock is the girls dancing.  Jack was very sneaky to steal the giants things.  The giant looked very scary.  I was so happy when the show started!  I loved the show.
Mariam Khan

Jack and the beanstok was fun.  My favourite part was the boys throwing money.  I was so excited for the show.  They made cars from boxes and taxis.  I had such fun coming and going.  They had expression and smiles.
Sophia Mullin