Grade 2S
We went around the school, it was so sunny and wonderful and half way we got zoo biscuits and water.  I made my hat with cardboard and pipe cleaners and pompoms and a tutu and fairy wings.  We got popcorn and ice cream and the popcorn was yummy.  At the walk we got to see the wonderful nature and we had lunch with my friends and we walked and had fun in the sun.  At the end we played and we laughed.
Zinhle Mdluli

On Friday it was the Walkathon.  The walkathon is when we walk around the school to raise money.  We had to make a hat.  At the end we got a keyring and we also got a box of popcorn.  In the middle of the walkathon we got a zoo biscuit.  My hat had a lollipop on it.  We had to walk 21 laps.  My hat had a bear and a rose on it.  It also had a lilypad.  After it was done everyone got an ice cream.  I enjoyed the walkathon.
Victoria Naidoo

On Friday 8 February it was the walkathon.  We had to walk 21 laps around the school.  I also made a crazy hat.  My hat was made out of a bottle and a cup.  We also got popcorn and an ice lolly.  When I finished I got a mermaid tail keyring.  I swang and swang up and down and all day long.  My sister swam because she is in Grade 5.  My hat kept falling, it was driving me crazy.
Cameryn Bailey

Grade 2B
I enjoyed the walkathon.  Walking twenty one laps I didn’t fall to the ground.  I carried on until I finished.  I like talking to my friends.  And getting a prize at the end.  I love being with my friends.  It was the best prize ever.  I got a keyring, popcorn, ice cream and balloons.  I’m not afraid to be silly.  My hat was very silly and so am I.
Ella-Rose Fuller

I liked the walkathon because I got to spend time with my sisters.  I got to walk with Mila and Nina for the start in the walkathon.  I did twenty one laps around the school with my friends.  When I was finished I got a keyring.  Mrs Howden was wearing a ringmaster’s outfit.  I walked with Miss Harley at the walkathon.
Refilwe Mofokeng

We did twenty one laps around the school.  I walked with Willow and Michaela.  At the end we got a mermaid tale keyring and popcorn and ice cream.  When we were walking around the mums were blowing bubbles and sprayed water at us when we walked by.  Each of us got a star each lap.  We made hats and my one was crazy.  I had the best time.  I really like the walkathon I put my keyring on my bag.
Emily Webber