The Grade 0 girls have had a wonderful start to Term 3.  It is hard to believe that the year has flown by so fast and that these little girls will be going into Grade 1 soon.  We are delighted with how they have matured and know that they will do us proud in next year.

We started off the term looking at our own country, South Africa and the girls shared our Heritage Day celebrations with Salvazione School.  We beaded and enjoyed a traditional African meal together.  They all looked spectacular in their Heritage clothes and proudly shared stories of their heritage.

We will be ‘travelling’ to different countries around the world for the remainder of the term.  All the girls are able to choose any country to share with us in a presentation.  We have already visited France, Italy, India and Germany, to name a few.  We can’t wait to see where we will travel to next!

If you listen very carefully you will hear the most interesting array of songs coming from our classrooms!  We are deep into concert preparations and excitement levels are high.  There are some budding drama queens in Grade 0 and our concert is going to be a treat.

The whole Foundation Phase was lucky enough to be invited to Forest Town School to see their dress rehearsal of ‘The Lion King’.  The standard was outstanding and we were all deeply moved by the courage of the children and the vision of their teachers.

The Grade 0 girls walked down to Campus Square with our Grade 7 ‘big sisters’ to spend our Mandela chore money on art supplies for Siyabathanda Day Care Centre in Yeoville.  The girls enjoyed the outing, but more importantly, this extended project of earning the money by doing chores and then spending it, has taught our girls some valuable lessons about social justice.  We are so proud of the fact that at such a young age they can recognise that other people have needs and that it is in their power to help them.  We know that the creativity from the art materials we supplied will be invaluable to the children at Siyabathanda.

Our annual Flower Festival/birthday was a real celebration of APPS together with the creativity and diversity that we have in our school.  Every single girl in the school exceeded all expectations and arranged the most marvelous flowers!  The Grade 0 theme was ‘garden flowers’ and our girls completed beautiful informal arrangements in tins they had painted themselves.  These were carefully placed onto placemats that the girls had created.  The pride that each little girl showed was so special.

Grade 0 is a happy and vibrant place to be and we as teachers are always grateful for the privilege of teaching these little people.