We only have about five weeks left of your child’s year in Grade 0 and this has been a very busy and exciting term.  On Saturday, 27 September, The Penguins and Flamingoes participated in their very first Sports Day.  It was so amazing to see all of them running their very best and cheering for each other.  That’s what the APPS spirit is all about!

Our beloved school turned 98 years old on Friday 5 October and we celebrated this with a Flower Festival and Open Day.  All our girls were encouraged to pick flowers from their own gardens.  In keeping with our Eco drive, they collected and decorated their very own tin and turned it into a beautiful vase.  They had so much fun arranging their flowers and then went touring the school to see  arrangements made by other grades.  They were all magnificent.

We had something extremely ‘egg-citing’ happening for The Penguin and Flamingo classrooms in the past weeks.  We saw the arrival of 23 numbered eggs in an incubator from Wild and Earthly into Mrs Macleod’s Classroom.  This was to tie in perfectly with our theme ‘Animals that Hatch from the Eggs’, which the girls had to do their presentation on this term.

Over the course of four days, the girls were able to observe real chicken eggs in the incubator with their hands behind their back.  They tiptoed around the classroom and used their quietest voices.  They enthusiastically guessed the egg numbers which they thought would hatch first.  On day two, we started to see little tiny cracks in the shell, where the chick had used its little egg tooth, to break the shell.  The chick continued to peck its way through the shell, in a straight line.  Then it pushed against the shell so it broke in half and the chick came out.  It really was an exciting process to watch!  The first egg to hatch was number seven, and out came a very sleepy chick.  Unfortunately, none of the girls’ guesses were correct.  When Lisa arrived on day four, in addition to the girls observing the chicks in their incubator, they were also able to hold them.  We could see the joy, love and care just by watching their faces as they held the chicks!  What an amazing experience!  Lisa collected the eggs and seven chicks that had hatched and took them back to the farm.  Watching the chicks hatch was a really meaningful and fun learning process for both teachers and girls.

Finally, the girls are busy practising songs and learning their lines for their Grade 0 end of year concert.  This is the highlight of the year, and promises to blow your socks off!
Ms Liziwe Seabi