What an eventful term it’s been!  The term has flown by so quickly and was filled to the brim with so many amazing events and activities.  Each child brought something unique to the classroom to talk about during our South Africa Theme.  It has been wonderful to see them grow as individuals and expand their friendship zone.  The girls have been extremely busy, but happy and content, which is just wonderful to see.

Nelson Mandela International Day commemorates the lifetime of service Nelson Mandela gave to South Africa and the world.  Honouring the legacy of Mandela Day, our Flamingo and Penguin girls did chores and saved up to R70 each.  They then went shopping with their teachers and had some special bonding time with their Grade 7 Buddies.  They bought toiletries at PicknPay and donated them to San Salvador Home.  We have been so blessed with an amazing group of generous parents and children.  What an exciting day it was for us all to make the world a better place by giving back to the community in the spirit of “Ubuntu”.

On Tuesday 6 August, we had our annual Women and Significant Person’s Picnic Day.  The children sang a variety of songs to let their significant others and the special women in their lives know how much they are loved and appreciated.  It was wonderful to see that they are learning to ‘read’ musical notes and by using their body, they can create different sounds, depending on which part of their body they use!  Thanks to Kate Borthwick and Alison Gericke!

Once the concert was over, all the guests were taken to the field for Mrs Howden’s gym display.  Mrs Howden is so passionate about physical exercise so it was a treat to watch.  We know that children who are strong physically are often strong mentally as well, and the challenges of physical activities help children overcome obstacles that may come their way later.  It can’t get better than that!

We ended this marvellous day with everyone enjoying a lovely picnic on the playground, under the oak trees in the warm winter sun.  Thank you to all the amazing guests for coming through and supporting us.  I hope you all felt the love

‘Where there is a woman, there is magic.’ – Ntozake Shange

Happy Women’s Month and enjoy your wonderful holiday.
Ms Liziwe Seabi