We warmly welcome our Grade 0 girls to the Flamingo and Penguin classes.  It has been heart warming to see our girls’ eyes shining and their faces sparkling, with big smiles during the first few weeks of the term.  It’s an exciting and busy time learning about all the school and classroom procedures and routines. The girls are settling well into their new school and are enjoying getting to know one another.  They are being encouraged to explore, discover and challenge themselves through play and structured activities.  We have a wonderful variety of personalities and each child has a role to play with their own uniqueness.

We dived straight into learning about our environment, in particular our school and the highlight of the week was visiting Mrs Howden’s office and drawing our lighthouses.  We then moved onto learning all about ourselves, our bodies and special families.  We have done many exciting activities relating to these themes.  These include painting, drawing, counting, singing and dancing.  Our phonics programme has started with learning to identify initial sounds and three letter words.  Our Mathematics rings have included problem solving, counting and practising number symbols and number words in a variety of forms.

Language is a vehicle for thinking, remembering, reasoning, expressing and communicating.  It has been really exciting to see all the interesting items that Grade 0 learners are bringing for our Guessing Game and Show and Tell.  Their confidence is growing each day.  Our girls enjoy their music lessons and could be heard practicing the ‘chicken dance’, their absolute favourite!

What a privilege and pleasure it has been getting to know our Moms and Dads during our information evening and games night, where everyone participated with great enthusiasm.  APPS is truly a special place to be.

We look forward to watching our girls shine and grow.  As teachers in Grade 0, we can honestly say we have the best job, nurturing these precious little people in their first year of school.
Ms Liziwe Seabi