We have finally come to the end of Term 1.  The trees are changing colour and leaves are falling down, highlighting that the Autumn season is in full swing.  After half term break, our girls and teachers arrived rejuvenated and geared up for another successful segment of the term.  We continued with My Family and My Home themes which saw parents collecting boxes for our amazing houses that our architecture girls built.  They also drew some stunning art pictures of their families, incorporating the concepts of sequencing from tallest to shortest and graphing.  We were also busy learning our poems and songs for our annual Grandparents’ Day that has sadly now been cancelled.

The Grade 7 learners played with their ‘buddies’ happily on the jungle gyms, with bicycles, scooters and wagons.  This is always such a joyful time and it is so lovely to see how easily they connect with each other.  Most of our Grade 0 girls refer to them as their best friends.  During their report interviews, they highlighted that this was the best thing they loved about APPS.

On Wednesday 18 March it was confirmed that we were experiencing a significant moment which will make its mark in our history as a community, country and world – Covid-19.  Our President, Cyril Ramaphosa gave us clear guidance on self-isolation and social distancing for 21 Days.

John F Kennedy apparently had a plaque on his desk which read “Oh God, the sea is so great and my boat is so small “.  This is probably how the teachers and parents felt.  However, with the help of our IT Department, Mrs Macleod and I quickly got on board with the remote learning programme for our girls.  Thanks to our amazing parents and class mothers who have been supportive while we fluffed out our chicks’ wings.  This difficult period has highlighted the strength that we each have together as South Africans.  Soon our programme was up and running on Seesaw.  It has been a great joy to receive all the activities with little voice notes.  Seeing our Flamingo and Penguin girls on video doing lovely activities just makes our day.  We miss them dearly.

Although we are in lockdown, I am sure you can all agree that we are noticing the small miracles of daily life, because even in challenging times, we are surrounded by joyful occurrences; a beautiful sunset, birds going about their daily business and the changing of colours in nature with the new season, to name a few.  We remain optimistic in these very uncertain times and hope you have all found new routines and ways for family engagements.

‘The simple bare necessities.  Forget about your worries and your strife … The bare necessities of life will come to you …’ promises Baloo, the bear in Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book.’

We are sending cyber hugs to all our lovely girls and families.  Keep smiling, stay safe and happy Easter holidays!
Ms Liziwe Seabi