Grade 0 Braai

A parent’s selfless love is pivotal in nurturing a child and there could not be a more universal celebration than the one that celebrates the accomplishments and efforts of parents.  We find that so often parents go unappreciated and we forget how much they truly do.  Our Grade 0 Braai is a friendly reminder to appreciate the importance of fathers and other significant parents in the lives of our girls and to give them credit where it’s due, not just on one Sunday, but every day of the year.  To celebrate this precious bond, APPS held the annual Grade 0 Braai on 14 June.

All dads and other significant parents looked absolutely stunning in their stylish t-shirt with a personalised hand painted tie from their very own daughter.  Our Headmistress, Mrs Howden offered a heartwarming welcome, congratulating these parents on their special day.

Parents who attended were warmly welcomed by girls in the Penguin and Flamingo classes who entertained them with songs and poems.  To make the celebration even more special, an introduction to the musical note sequence, set up by Miss Gericke and Miss Borthwick, had parents enthusiastically joining in.  The children looked very endearing as they jiggled and wiggled to the interesting co-ordinated moves of their parents.

This was followed by a gym demonstration from the girls with our very fit Headmistress. The fun filled ambience of the morning ended with a delicious braai on the lawn and parents spending time in the classroom looking at all the super work their daughters have done to date.

I hope every parent who attended felt loved, appreciated and honoured in a special way, remembering that to the world you’re just a parent, but to these girls you’re far more than that.  You are a SUPERHERO!   We hope you all enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day, because there’s nothing more precious in life than the time we spend with our children.
Ms Liziwe Seabi