We welcomed eleven new members to the Chess Club this year and the excitement during practices is clearly evident as the girls vie for positions on the ladder.

The chess team has been ably led this term by Grade 7 girls, Maryam Akhalwaya (Captain) and Rati Furamera (Vice Captain).  Both girls are doing an outstanding job in welcoming teams to the school, giving thank you speeches and assisting with serving the supper.

We were only able to play two of the scheduled matches this term, with the girls winning one and losing one.  However, the highlight was the annual ‘Girls and Guests’ evening.  The girls were joined by 29 guests in challenging matches.  The girls won by a narrow margin of 62 to 56.

The support of the Service Staff and parents, who regularly offer to lift and help with catering, is greatly appreciated.  Many thanks to Mrs Akhalwaya for organising the suppers and the Grade 7 parents for providing the eats at the ‘Girls and Guests’ chess evening.
Miss Gill Seebregts