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Building Project


In today’s fast moving world, the APPS Executive Committee has continually sought ways to improve both the academic standards and the school facilities at APPS. With this in mind, in 2010 two properties adjoining the school campus were purchased.

The objectives being to incorporate and renovate one as an independent music centre and the other as a new science block, along with various other improvements to the existing campus. To supplement the use of existing school funds, the APPSAHEAD initiative was launched in 2011 with the aim of raising R3 million from the parent body and the wider APPS community of old girls and others associated with the school. In 2011 the APPSAHEAD fundraising project was launched with a R3 million target.

Three years later, at the end of 2014, thanks to the generous support of the APPS community, the target was reached, closing off at a total of R3 015 944.

The improvements to the school that have come about, in part, as a result of the fundraising are considerable. They include the following:

  • New music centre and gardenfountain
  • Improvements to the school administrative block
  • New girls/ladies and gents toilets behind the hall
  • New teachers parking area
  • New hall courtyard and the APPSAHEAD mosaic pond
  • Improvements to the art room
  • New Afrikaans classroom
  • New walkways and decking outside the classrooms opening onto the Oak courtyard
  • New offices for the sports staff next to the swimming pool area
  • Improvement of the pool entrance and pavillion
  • New Science and Design and Technology block
  • New maintenance store and facilities for the male staff
  • New school shop

APPS is proud to say that at no point were capital levies considered or imposed to raise the required capital. Contributions were made on an entirely voluntary basis and acknowledged with a ceramic tag bearing the girls’ names on the new mosaic pond in the hall courtyard.

Thank you to the 204 families who supported APPSAHEAD, chose to leave their daughters’ names on the pond and have created a proud legacy for generations of APPS girls to come.

We have built more together.

Should you require any further information regarding APPSAHEAD, please contact Julia Roy on 083 604 0340 or Steven Schnell 083 777 1089.

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